Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Courseworks for Form4 Studs: Written Assign 2

Salam.. Cikgu dah edarkan format untuk written assignment yang ke 2.. Di bawah ni disertakan format assignment tu. yg mana belum present untuk powerpoint, tolong bersedia naik cuti nie... Untuk assignment ke 2..saya nak check lepas cuti minggu pertama...

Content Format
1.0 Introduction (meaning of open source software, hardware, software, etc)
2.0 The Latest Open Source Operating System (OS)
2.1 Meaning of open source OS
2.2 Examples of open source OS (explain two examples)
3.0 The Latest Open Source Application Software
3.1 Meaning of open source application software
3.2 Examples of open source application software (explain two examples)
4.0 The Latest Development in ICT
4.1 Hardware
(state specification OR special features of ONE hardware and compare it to previous model(s))
4.2 Software
(state year/date of release, special features of ONE software and compare it to previous version(s))
5.0 Pervasive Computing
5.1 Meaning of pervasive computing
5.2 Examples of pervasive computing (explain two examples)
6.0 Conclusion
Reference (give at least two sources of reference)

Document Format
cover page
Candidate’s details
Title: The latest Open Source Software Available and the Latest Development in ICT
page margin - top, bottom, left, and right: 1”, paper size - A4
line spacing - 1.5 lines
typeface - Times New Roman, font size- - 12 pts (content), and14 pts for title/heading
number of pages - 3 to 10

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