Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coursework for Form5 Students

Form5 Students jgn lupa dengan projek multimedia dan hantar naik cuti mid term nie yea

Di bawah ni ada kriteria yang perlu di ikut...

Aspect : LA4.S08.1
Apply All The Phases Of Multimedia Production To Produce An Interactive Educational Multimedia Project.
Type of Instrument : Project

1. Analysis Phase
State the - project title , objective(s),
target audience

2. Design Phase - Design/draw a storyboard.

3. Implementation Phase
- Develop multimedia product based on the storyboard using an authoring tool.

4. Testing Phase
- Test the developed multimedia product.

5. Evaluation Phase
- Evaluate the developed multimedia product based on :

Content (match the project goal, informative)
Interface (user friendly, interactive)
Navigation (flow of the slides, all buttons functioning)
Multimedia Elements (Text, Graphic, Audio, Video, Animation)

6. Publishing Phase
- Write the name and location of the executable file.
- Submit a softcopy of the multimedia project.

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