Thursday, March 18, 2010

Assigment Multimedia (Scrapbook)

Wahai pelajar ICT Form 5 yang disayangi...

Tolong cari bahan dari Majalah, paper atau internet mengenai assignment di bawah ini.. Assignment adalah dlm btk scrapbook...

Ni kriteria yg perlu diikut :

1.Front cover includes
• title
• name of candidate
2.Scrapbook contains at least SIX pages excluding front and back covers.
3.Collections are relevant to the topic chosen.
4.State source and/or date in the scrapbook.


Candidate compiles articles, pictures, drawings from different types of sources such as newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc into a scrapbook based on any of the following:
• Immersive Multimedia in Education
• Immersive Multimedia in Business
• Immersive Multimedia in Entertainment
Scrapbook must be done individually.

SUBMIT : First week kalau boleh sy nak tengok...

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